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  1. C

    Which Banks App is best for investing in the mutual fund?

    There are multiple apps for investing in the mutual funds and I wanted to know the most preferred app for investing in the mutual fund.... Please suggest...
  2. Tejas Khoday

    Feedback for FYERS Mobile App - New Version

    Hi Everyone, I have created this thread for receiving feedback and ideas to upgrade/build our new mobile app. As per the suggestions of @mevaibhav and other Traderji members, creating a new thread solely for this purpose is better and I feel that we can interact on this subject in detail...
  3. R

    Is there any mobile app/service for real-time alerts with audio notification for NSE

    There is an overwhelming number of mobile apps for different brokers and for different websites that give information about the stock market prices. However, I have not been able to find any place where I can get audio notification if the price of the stock reaches a certain level for real-time...
  4. A

    Hello and please complete this...very important!!

    Hi, I am Anjaney. I am planning to develop a stock trading mobile app. Kindly complete the following survey: