1. A

    Your views on Thyrocare Technologies IPO (27 April 2016)

    Thyrocare Technologies IPO to open on April 27 http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/ipos/fpos/thyrocare-technologies-ipo-to-open-on-april-27/articleshow/51878650.cms Looks to be a company with Strong Fundamentals. Your views please.
  2. H

    Free and paid software or website for sensex and nifty charts

    senior members here can help me. Is there any free website or free software, which gives nifty or sensex live charts for any given day. For ex, i enter a date like jan 5 2012, it should provide live charts for nifty, sensex or particular stocks, fno, currency, commodities for that given day...
  3. H

    Need ipo listing date of each companies

    senior members please help me. Is there any book or website where "ipo listing date" of each nse, bse companies are given. Or do I need to call each companies individually to know ipo listing date.
  4. A

    Next IPO of FlipKart

    Let me know which is the best IPO to enter in according to Traderji members.
  5. M


    Hi there! I'm a newbie too. I haven't got any trading experience but have got a teeny legacy from dad(a few shares that I have no clue about!) I have a few questions - 1 What do I need, apart from a DEMAT account, to start trading? 2 How do I decide what to invest in -...
  6. D

    Delphi Automotive

  7. D

    Manning & Napier

  8. arun_mathaiyan

    IPO Grey Market - How it works?

    Could someone explain how is the below scenario exists in real time? I read some comments saying the grey market price of an IPO share. Selling & Buying the IPO application in grey market? And how does this transaction takes place? Thanks in Advance for your time. Thanks amat
  9. I

    Help me out!!first ipo.

    Hello, Everybody. What is IPO? How to buy an IPO? Where to buy IPO? What is its requirements? Is there any qualification needed for it? :confused::confused::confused:
  10. K

    Hello from NewBie to World of Trading/Investment

    Dear Friends, Good Day :) Myself just new and joined today this wonderful form that landed while searching online for Stock Trading Ticker updates online :) 1) Self trading/investing experience started as Gulf NRI with help of Mr. Mani a South Indian friend. 2) This experience started in...
  11. A

    IPO using HDFC overdraft account

    Anybody tried using HDFC overdraft account to apply for IPO thru ASBA? If yes, few questions. 1. Do you need HDFC trading account as well to apply? 2. Can you use the overdraft limit against the blocked amount? thanks, Aniket
  12. H

    Not allotted any share in MOIL IPO. Why :(

    I applied for 272 shares at cutoff price (102,000 rupees) during MOIL's IPO. However, I haven't been allotted any share. Why? Is it possible that you apply and yet you are not allotted even a single share?
  13. B

    ICICI Direct, MarginPlus and profit booking

    I was experimenting with ICICIDirect's MarginPlus facility. I purchased 100 shares of Coal India on margin at Rs 319.90 on Dec 13. I initially put a stop loss trigger at Rs 315. Then as the price went to above 324, I put a stop loss at Rs 323.50. It was sold at 323.30, giving me a profit of 340...
  14. DiwaliCrackers

    Urgent Help Required...Please

    Dear All, I am new to this forum, and need some urgent advise. Please have a look into that. I want to bid for Power Grid IPO. May i know maximum for how much share i can bid as retail investor... and While bidding online in sharekhan.com it is asking for bid price...so what i need...
  15. A

    IPO Grey Market and Listing Behaviour

    Hi , Could we have inputs from the experts about how we can relate the grey market prices and the listing price of the stock. Also from their experience , they could share how the price moves during the day. 1.Opening 2.Lowest Point / Time Usually 3.Highest Point 4.Closing How can we...
  16. I

    Karvy Records

    Hi, I have lost all records of my investment and allottment in the Reliance IPO of 1985-86. How can the investment be traced back to me and reissued with Last name, First Name(s), address at Allottment and subsequent address(es) that were changed in their records. Karvy insists on providing the...
  17. S

    Open IPOs

    This season, its raining IPOs. Currently, the entire market is talking about the two opened yesterday i.e. Satluj and JPI. SJVN`s public issue comprises of an offer for sale of 415 million shares by the Centre of which 3.35 million shares are reserved for the employees of the firm. The price...
  18. dream123

    helo, wish u all for lady luck!

    activity: equity, ipo, F&O, arbitrage, forex, diffrent strategies, comodities, other countries market, etc.. in short intrested in all the activities making big money,
  19. S

    Some real estate IPOs look expensive

    It's going to be tough to figure out which of the numerous upcoming realty IPos are are good buys. Godrej Properties, which had its IPO this week, seems expensive. See below: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB126027424626181723.html
  20. P

    JSW Energy IPO

    Hi, Shall I buy JSW energy IPO or after listing. Which is the better? What advantage do I get if I invest in IPO rather than secondary market