1. K

    new here

    hi, i go by the username kt and i am a new investor. i still do not have any area of specialty but i am drawn to value stocks and well protected bond offerings and an aversion to IPOs(this is because if the many stock market bubbles, the most dominant being the internet bubble). i am very...
  2. A

    How is an ETF different from a mutual fund? Help

    I was going through information about etfs as i was thinking of investing in...but i found quite similarities between both etfs and mutual funds...can anyone tell me is there any difference??
  3. G

    Goldman Sachs recoemmended buys

    Goldmann sachs has a full fledged research arm for India which recommends its recos to its priviledged clients. One such client posts his recos on the Net at Investing Contrarian. here is the link to the recos: GS Recos for 2010 happy investing folks... fresbee
  4. S

    Hi from personal finance columnist, India Wall Street Journal

    Hi, I work for America's largest newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, and we have recently launched a personal finance column for our Indian readers. The column, titled "Maximum Money", can be read on our web site: For those of you who might not know, The Wall Street...
  5. N

    Any Good Courses ...?

    Hi Guys & Gals ... this is my first thread. Hi, and good to make your acquaintance. I am relatively new to equity trading and investing, but am ambitious enough to become more proficient. Can any of you help me with identifying some well-structured and comprehensive courses or individuals that...
  6. T

    Koutons movement analysis

    Hi, First, I want to convey my respect to senior members and other ppl who share the ideas / knowledge. I am seeing Koutons giving some signs that in next 6 months it will go quite good way. Observed points. Technical: *) Volume pick up in steady manner *) Recently seemed to emerge from long...
  7. Surama

    If There Is A Will, There is A Way!!!

    Hai Friends, I am Surama, from Trichur, Kerala. A good part of my time spent in the Middle-East since 1980 to 2004 as Exe.Secretary/Admn. Manager/Personnel Manager with different construction companies in Saudi, UAE and Bahrain. It was good old days to remember! All of them were of...
  8. A

    Girls, Women, Money and.... Sensex?

    Are you a sophisticated female investor in Indian markets. Then make your presence felt here. I have often found myself asking this question about this strange [almost rare] nexus of the fairer sex and the Sensex.. [pardon the pun]. In fact, if you ask me, I have two 'regrets', our Indian...
  9. TFL

    I do not invest in stocks because my money is hard earned.

    My(Rakhi) money mantra: I believe in safe investments. I do not invest in stocks because my money is hard earned and I cannot afford to gamble with it. ...Rakhi Sawant. Quoted from
  10. mteodor

    Hi, from the land of RoMania!

    I am not from India, but I know you have good investment funds and programs, and good professionals there, so I'd like to learn and share. Happy investing to all.
  11. M

    Hello from Investor & Trader

    hi friends, I am a trader and investor in Indian stock market. Guys we all are interested in making money from stock market and we like to get the strategy which will give us consistent profit. I would like to share my feelings and opinion which i gathered from trading in the...