1. P

    Download 1 minute IEOD for NSE-EQ, FnO, COMMODITY & CDS- ABOUT 18MONTHS DATA...!

    Dear Friends, Here is link for 1minute IEOD data for NSE-EQ (about 600 scripts), FnO, MCX & CDS scripts. CLICK HERE It is about 4Gb Data...
  2. wabuf

    DATA Request Thread

    Hi Opening this thread for Random people asking Data for FNO | Cash Scripts | IEOD | EOD | MCX | Forex etc This will stop the clutter in Data Feeds & other places... as some individuals are opening threads for sake of just one request . Anyone having data may upload & post here. " In...
  3. Dev.B

    Nifty current month IEOD

    Nifty Current Month IEOD for Amibroker
  4. C

    Sub-prime crisis - Banknifty IEOD data request

    Dear Friends, Iam trying to backtest (visually) the effect of trading strategy during crisis. I need 60m data for BANKNIFTY for the month Jan 2008 , Jun 2008 and Oct 2008. you can provide data for 60m in the form of : csv OR ​screenshot (candle charts enough) many thanks in...
  5. P

    NSE Historical 5 min Intra Day Database

    The life of Charting is having Historical Database for analysis. I searched for NSE Intraday Data it but found that some how people are not willing to share it for free. Many people are desperately seeking for this kind of data and new comers cant afford to pay huge prices for software's...
  6. N

    IEOD 1 min data

    Hi friends As you all know that Data whether intraday or EOD is the oxygen for the charts and charts are the oxygen for a traders trade. And I have found that traders are finding it difficult to get data particularly IEOD, for various purpose. So please post here for the data required...
  7. N

    IEOD data needed for Nifty, Bank Nifty and US Indices

    Hello. Does anyone have IEOD data for Amibroker for Nifty and Bank Nifty before 2012? Also looking for IEOD data for US Indices. Meanwhile I have Nifty and Bank Nifty (Spot) data from Jan 2012 to Aug 2013 in case anyone is interested. I also have another Notepad file for Bank Nifty but...
  8. Cubt

    Nifty Historical iEOD 2008 to till date - Free

    Guys, I have uploaded Nifty Historical Intraday 1 Minute data from 2008 to 2013 October. You can directly import it to Amibroker and Back test it. Since I really spent many hours in searching for it, i thought there would be many traders like me who would be looking for intraday data. Here's...