GDFL global datafeed, extra licence


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why dont you buy it from gfdl. or you want it free ?
primitive trader, thanks for reply.
i tried contacting them - they need use to take one plan. for 4000 Rs ( 30 days one time).
but if anybody haven't such subscription can get a licnece on cost of 400 rs extra. i am willing to pay few hundred rs.
at starting 4000 or 5000 rs won't fit in my budget. and only GDFL, truedata, esingnal are reliable data providers.


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hi, anybody can share the extra licence from GDFL. so i can safe the date till today in my Amibroker.
Hello bro experience can shared but Bread never be served.

trudata alternative like amifeeder, jrtlivedata those two are enough data speed and maybe fit with your budget.
i am willing to share ..but my subscription is annual basis.. so if u r ready to pay 8000/- then u can get data from GDFL With one year validity..

if u r interested ,pls ping me..

Happy trading..

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