1. L

    FNO - options

    Hello friends , im doing trades from past 3 years partly , now i going to do full time trader, before that i need more knowledge about options hence im posting this , seniors and who are doing fno - options and PLEASE help me to learn . as im here in 3 years i know stock market basics and...
  2. A

    Excel Sheet - Options

    Hi All, I am search an excel sheet that can pull up options data from Please advise if such an excel sheet be formed that can pull such data automatically or at a single click. I want to include Nifty and all stocks having options. Screenshot Example: Thanks mates.....
  3. A

    CALL PUT movement based on FUTURE OR CASH

    Hi all members, Is CALL PUT options movement based on Cash price or Futures Price. What shall I keep a track of Nifty Futures or Nifty Cash when buying CALL / PUT. Thanks all, aman
  4. P

    Intraday PCR Tools

    Do you know any tool that provides the live information about intraday PCR? Does NestPlus provide the same?
  5. J

    Open Options positions after monthly expiry

    Hello I had brought Call options but I could not square off my positions due to very low volatility so will it get cash settled after the monthly expiry that occurred yesterday or do I need to place a square off order to get settled even after expiry. Please help!! I had big positions that...
  6. 1

    Derivative trading

    Sir, With due respect I would like to request you to please provide me 5 minutes of your time by filling up the following questions, The questionnaire is for educational purpose only and will not be exploited in any means. Thanks a lot...
  7. S

    What will be the effective profit & loss

    Suppose Nifty is trading 5000 on beginning of the month if i take the position in option as follows: Put option short at Nifty 4500 Premium 15 Call option short at Nifty 5500 Premium 18 Nifty remain in between 4500 to 5000 during the contract period What will be my profit or loss...
  8. intellibitz

    Trade of the Month

    Trade of the Month Sometime a trade sets up nicely and looks too good to be ignored. Feel free to update this thread on what you think will be a good trade not just for the day or week but for the entire month. TOM - Jan 2012 NIFTY Buy > 4800 NIFTY Sell < 4800 This thread can live...
  9. R

    Infy Jan 25 2011 Series...Long? Short?

    Guys..Infosys spot price at 2700/-. Jan 25 series 3000/- call trading at 22/- premium. Projected Dollar revenue can't do much. But rupee earnings can show good topline growth. America's GDP grows close to 2%. Looks like out of recession now. Euro crisis is the only risk. Expecting positive...
  10. S

    Hi everybody

    Dear all, Myself is Shiv Kr. Agarwal. I want to invest in share market. I have gathered some information regarding share like intraday, delivery, future and option. Still I am not very much clear about all the trading systems. I studied NIFTY option (call and put) and understood that loss is...
  11. S

    some doubts about short selling

    I am new to stock market and I learning options and futures trading through various web sites My doubts If I am bullish on market I can buy nifty call If I am bearish on market I can buy nifty put And what happen if I reverse this transaction I mean if I am bullish on market I can short...
  12. S

    Nifty has resistance at 5350-5355

    As I had said before in other site, nifty resisted from 5353 Mondays close. and now one can sell call of Nifty 5400 July for handsome gains.
  13. I

    Why to trade on Nifty 2000 Call?

    Recently I noticed that there is trading going on Nifty 2000 call, which is trading around 3300 after noticing this I am confuse why people trade on Nifty 2000 call. Yes there is no premium at all but why should they not trade on Nifty, why they trade on 2000 call. Buying 2000 call will cost...
  14. B

    need help on icicidirect call options

    Hi All, Greetings. I am a newbee and need some help with Futures and Options. I use icicidirect. I have bought a call option for for ICICIBAN with strike price 820 and paid premium of 18 Rs/- for 350 shares with expiry date on 24,june Now ICICIBAN is trading at 880+ in the...
  15. sdalal

    Sterlite: Narrow range

    On friday the script taken a good support from the rising trendline. But there is one more trendline which is coming down. Coming days the stock will move in this range,once break below will see panic or above will see earlier highs.
  16. sdalal

    ABAN OFFSHORE- Rigging up the JIGS

    In the feb-march rally, the stock moved sideways, and find a resistance at 50% retrachment and recently brokedown the channel. But on friday it just moved upperside,find a resistance on channel line C.with both RSI and STOCH becoming positive, I think it will move upwards.Once it passes Line...
  17. sdalal

    NIFTY- Channel Breakout.11th feb 2010

    NIFTY- Channel Breakout.11th feb 2010 (DAILY CHART) I see some Upmove in coming week. Other support seems to 200 EMA,it has not broken the same. And Now trading above the Mid Term Support line. Channel Breakout Confirmed,on 15th feb 2010. now have a resistance 4924. 3 March: Nifty...
  18. I

    Nifty Call/Put in Intraday????

    Hello Experianced Traders, Namaskar!!! I started trading 6 months back. Recently i discovered trading in Options to be quite profitable. Till now i had been trading in Cash and nifty futures(in intra). With over 90% accuracy in Nifty futures Intraday i am making decent profits in Futures...
  19. N

    Short Call and Long Put

    Hi, This is my first post here:thumb:, already learn t a few things from the discussions. Here is my Understanding of the options Call - A Contract which you gives you a right to buy a specified number of stocks (lot) at a specific price at anytime before the contract expires. Put - A...
  20. R

    Selling options

    i want to sell options to take the advantage of time decay based strategies currently i have an account with share khan & INDUS Portfolio Problem part: Sharekan requires some 3 lackh balance to for naked puts..calls :annoyed: and forget indus wallae ...they say hum yeh kaam nhi...