bracket order

  1. R

    Stop loss hunting on cover and bracket orders

    Hello traders. I wanted to ask whether there are any traders who are successful using bracket and cover orders, because I've heard that the hedge funds and investment banks, or anyone with huge amount of money can view our stop losses and manipulate the stock price accordingly and our stop...
  2. desiwarrenbuffet

    Future trading using bracket orders

    Iam a part time trader .I started with equity,than options & now I am venturing into futures. I have a trading account with zerodha & I want to start trading futures using Bracket orders Pl experienced traders guide me
  3. M

    Unlimited Bracket Order

    Dear Friends, Which Broker providing unlimited Bracket order under unlimited plan? Please tell who is used unlimited trading plan. Waiting for your valuable answer. Thank you very much
  4. M

    Find Unlimited Plans strategy

    Hi Friends, I have plan to option trading with unlimited trading brokerage plan. I have seen breakeven point option trade (without brokerage) 0.20-0.25 Rs. So the Nifty or Bank nifty options easily move 0.70-1.0 Rs. I hope my self easily pick the small movement with Bracket...
  5. DayTrader007

    Is there any Broker who provide opposite Bracket Orders tool...

    As we can buy below LTP and sell above LTP in Bracket Order. I want to know is there any broker who provide vice versa orders. I mean we can buy above LTP and sell below LTP hence we can only enter the trade when it reach certain price. Actually this is most profitable tool for retail traders...
  6. A

    Can any brokerage cater to this trade?

    Hi All, I have a specific type of trade strategy in mind and would be grateful if I could be directed to any brokerage which can execute this trade. Say a scrip is trading at 500, I want to place a bracket order with SL 450 and Tgt 550 but if both targets are not hit, I would want to take...
  7. T

    Is there bracket order in Nest?

    Hello people, As we have bracket order in TradeTiger, do we have such a order in NEST?
  8. D

    Help with Bracket Order on Interactive Brokers

    Hello, I am a novice trader and after studying for some time, I have come to realize that 'bracket orders' are the life blood of intraday traders and scalpers. I have opened an account with IB for the sole reason, that they are the only brokers offering bracket orders in India, but their...