1. C

    Which Banks App is best for investing in the mutual fund?

    There are multiple apps for investing in the mutual funds and I wanted to know the most preferred app for investing in the mutual fund.... Please suggest...
  2. P

    Trading Secret!!!

    Traders may find this trading method interesting!!! Regards, k
  3. V

    Understanding bank balance sheet

    Hello, I am looking at the latest federal bank balance sheet available at their website. link to full report - Need to understand few of the particulars which are...
  4. K

    Karnataka Bank rights issue

    Hello all!! Karnataka Bank has announced rights issue 1:2 for Rs 70 per share. Current market price ~140 Plan : (courtesy Economic times) Buy 4000 shares @ cmp Sell 1 lot futures @ cmp Apply for rights At expiry square off everything. Problem : =>Bank has not said anything...
  5. E

    Urgent Query regarding Online trading

    Hello friends, I am willing to go for opening a demat and trading account with a discount broker( rksv or zerodha). Regarding it I have some queries :- 1. Is it necessary to have a net banking-enabled bank account or if payment trasactions can be done using debit/credit card also? And I...
  6. SwayamDas

    Need help on Top PSU Banks

    Hello Friends, As you all would be knowing that once the reverse interest cycle starts PSU Banks will rock the charts! So can you provide a list of potential PSU Banks that can generate more returns than the other banks in the PSU?
  7. J

    Govt action on bank consolidation. Picks

    Hello all, The govt has announced that it wants 8-10 large banks (size > SBI) in order to finance the future growth on the country. This was also referred to by OP Bhatt, chairman of SBI, in an earlier interview. The simplest way to build large banks is to acquire smaller banks. An...