Hello All!


First of all, Please accept my best wishes of New Year 2010 to all members.

I am new to post, but i have read many posts on tradeji since last few months. I liked the diversity in topics discussed and the depth to which they are discussed.

As a tradition and system implemented at tradeji, i am placing my introduction. I am a male 27 years age and in stock market since last 3 years. I am using sharekhan as trading platform since begining. I am working professional and as an interest started trading.

As of now i want to have an opinion from all traders on one point. How important is it to you to know exact price at which if you sell the stock there will be no profit and no loss, after including all taxes and brokerages? I am talking to the accuracy of 0.1 Rs.
I invest 'X' rupees and pay a total of 'X+y' where y is brokerage, and now i want to know at what price, say 'Z', should i sell the stock so as to get no profit and no loss (Absolutely 0 in my statement) after deducting selling brokerage, say 'b'.

I have read many topics and many other blogs but no one is talking on this point.

Please reply.

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