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Hi all,

It's been a while since I stopped trading for over 6 months due to personal reasons and will be looking forward to start getting back again by November. This thread is partly my trading diary , partly ideas and a place to receive advices and criticism on my trades. Sometimes I will also post some trading lessons I might have learned during my time as a trader. In a whole, it's a general purpose thread with the main motive of posting my trades and ideas once I start real time trading.

  • The markets I trade (listed priority wise) 1) Crude 2) Natural Gas 3) Copper 4) Zinc 5) Nickel 6) Lead
  • My risk percentage is mostly fixed 2% per trade but it is sometimes variable up to a max of 4% where I take double position if the market is really good which happens VERY rarely.
  • I don't have a secret strategy or a system to trade. I just follow price action , sometimes use MA, Bollinger Band (2.5D) with support and resistance lines on my chart.
My biggest problem has always been laziness to maintain a trading diary where I need to post trades which I hope will not be repeated this time.

Good luck all. Hope to communicate with you all in these threads.


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Trade idea- Possible Bullish Nickel trade.

It still hasn't given a complete signal to trade but this is something I am looking forward to. There's no way it will touch the top trendline or something like that because of the low volume today.

So I'm bullish on this until I get a signal to not be.


Wish you the very best bro.
I hope you will be able to maintain the discipline of keeping the regular trading diary.
I myself suffer from this same issue.

Best Regards


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Hi goldenedge,

I don't see volume on your chart. I think doesn't provide it.

Do you consider volume?

It's just a casual chart I posted from Means nothing.

Yes, I do take a look at volume but I don't use it as an indicator since I don't trust the volume shown to us.

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