Yatish's Buy Calls Short/Medium & Long

Hi just started this thread to help you guys what i am suggesting my investors and am personally buying.

Stop Loss should be personally applied as i dont believe a stop loss in this volatile market will help.

But I always suggest a stop loss of 12-20% is good.
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Tomorrows Buy calls for 1 month target

Powergrid at 110
NTPC at cmp
RNRL buy only if it comes around 140-145 levels

For Futures buy GMR Infra


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You should have to recommend scrips with SL & tgt's, many traders wiped out of stock market in last fall cuz they havnt used SL's to clear scrips.
25% stock
Punj Lloyd at cmp around 360-380..
Next accumulating level 325 another 50%

and if at 300 the last 25%

target 600 in a couple of months

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