Wolfe Waves


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Here i am sharing my experience of wolfe waves , wolfes that will WORK .:D
Wolfe waves are nothing more than a simple a-b-c or say zig-zag correction after a five wave sequence in which wave a trespasses prior wave 4.

If you find a wolfe-wave like this , you got a winner . Rest all is noise .

This is what an ideal wolfe wave looks like.

I have gone through some studies regarding WW, and I using that as part of my trading plan... The example showing ideal setup for WW but Extension of 5th waves is acceptable and my qualification of 5th waves extension with reference to Feb retracement and extension...
I learnt a lot from tradeji.
When it comes to ww. You posted so many charts, hats of to you. I went through entire thread again after 3 years. I observed some pattern, I will try to share, however how much it is valid, we need to test it.

Distance between 1-3 should be more than 3-5. Pivot distance.

So it is very easy to visualize, so many of your charts, I could easily apply this solution.

This can be one solution, obviously with all rules applied

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