Which one I should choose ??

Hi Gurus

I am newbie, student wanted to open trading a/c since my friends are making their pocket money themself, I have no past experience about it. and my friends are not guiding properly

which one should I choose ?

ICICI ? ZERODHA ? SHREKHAN ? Religare Securities ? SBI DEMAT ? or what else ?

please someone suggest me with very less inverstment (around Rs.5000/- to Rs.6000/-) I would like to start

please someone help


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zerodha .. or rksv .. choose some discount brokerage man.. if u go for icici or sharekhan or those likes, your 5000 or 6000 will be gone for one or two days brokerage... :)
Any way, you have to independently
1.check genuine firm.
2.check and calculate which one is less brokerage amount.
3.check after services and tips.
4.Get direct contact no.
5.Near by house (Whenever free,you spent the time..you will get idea)
hi Gurus give me one more tip, which one is best whether day trading is the best or any other ??? because I will have good internet access from monday to friday...about 1 mbps


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@ thread owner ....

you are student ....first thing keep eye on studies. (i think this suggestion u dont like ....butt same thing happen with me this is my own experiance)

you have 5k-6k to invest in mkt. this is not good amount for trading in mkt.

i think u want to pocket income from trading ...whenever u earn . its nice for thinking and imagining .....butt hard to earn.

your age is good for LEARN. traderji is good learning platform first learn here.....lots of stuff to learn here.....

spent some time here ,read member opinion ....view ,learn technique ....DONT HUURY for trading ,cause of market is always here .....then question is that is we stand here or not.

dont think about your friends ...they make money its nice .....butt learn properly and after that trade .....initially dont trade intraday.


i know my advice is too lazzy and boring for you . butt its my experience ...

afterall its your money and your life .

best luck
Thank you vishal...for your suggestion...I respect your suggestion...I am doing my studies externally after 5 and day time I work as System Admin, So I planned to invest little of my money in market which I receive as salary...now I am so scared really....every month I can invest 5-6k but worried since I am beginner.

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