Which companies report IN and Out of market hours


I am doing some study and I need to know which of NSE companies (Top 50 or 200) report their quarterly results during market hours?

One way to find out is to go through investor websites or google and see the time stamps on reports/ press releases. But this seems inefficient for so many stocks and for at least last 8 quarters. Ultimately I am trying to find out the practice, company wise.

So can someone shed some light on whether there is a database with the result declaration date and time? Any kind of info would help even if slightly outdated (easier to verify and modify than create)

(NSE website only gives the Date of the release , not the Time of release - https://www.nseindia.com/corporates/corporateHome.html?id=eqResultCalendar)

If there isn't a database, can people here contribute with their inputs? In the following simple format

Example (sample, not correct):
RIL - Before Market always
INFY - After Market always
HUL - IN Market hours always
ITC - Random (meaning they are not consistent)

Would be of great help for me. Can also act as a reference for all that are looking for this info as it seems the kind of info many will find useful to have handy.

Thanks a lot in advance.

CA Prudvi Raj Saya


Well-Known Member
Damn !!! yet another wrinkle on fundamental analysis....

Never even thought about it....

I don't think there is any restriction on the company to provide reports at a certain time....
its not certain but based on past trends:

wipro: after mkt
yes bank: this time after mkt... used to be in mkt hrs
acc: after mkt
kotak : after
lt :after
maruti: in mkt
icici : after
axis: after
drr : in
dlf: after
hdfc: in
sbi: in
itc: in

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