Which broker charges minimum margin for writing/selling options in india?

please dont tell me that it is approx same as SPAN margin for futures.
i know it depends on broker to broker but margin for options is not same as margin for futures. because OTM options margin is less and ITM and ATM options margin is more.

so , it is clear that margin for options is not same as margin for futures.
i request to tell me which broker charges lesser margins for short selling options?

i talked to rkglobal on phone but that guy seems to have not much knowledge. he was broadly saying that it is same as futures margin.

according to HDFC, margins for OTM options is less than future margin. but for ITM options it is high.
problem with hdfc is high brokerage.

so companys like rkglobal which offers cheapest brokerage , i expect that they charge very less margin while shorting options.

please post your margin rates with different broking companys.

hi there.. I am vishal from kolkata .. a smaller broker in comparison to indiabulls, indiainfoline etc..

margin for
selling an option is calculated as below..

(Strike Price + premium)*50 *10%

suppose.. 5500 put

(5500 + 400)*50*10%

=27500.. after this MTM is paid if u are at loss and viceversa u receive if u have a favourable position..

Now.. if u have hedged a nifty or options..

then u have to pay less margin .. sometimes.. just even half..

for eg u sell call and put both .. so u are somewhat restricted with losses..
So u pay around 50-60% of margin.. means margin for just 1 lot of options and not too..

Hope this was helpful..

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