Where are the Indian Technical authors?


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Two days back, I heard CNBC that an analyst said on TV,” There are more analysts than stocks these days”. Considering that Indians are deemed brainy and there are so many of them, they should come out with more books. If this trend persists, I will have to initiate a new trend and come out with a book whose title could be :-

Where are you O’ hidden friends of Technical trends?

Breakout! Breakout! You have nothing to lose but your obscurity

Don't you want to get promoted from a midcap to a frontline.?

Why don’t you aim to breakout from minor/intermediate top to a major top.

Lets have a trend reversal- write something. Indians are “head and shoulders” above the rest in intelligence.

For how long you will remain sideways. When do you intend to trend.?

If you encounter any “resistance” to write, we shall “support” you

Make a move and write something so that your moving average improves vis--vis foreign authors.

You have not even made your entry and have already exited? Height of stop loss
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