What will happen to retail share holder investors (not the bond holders) in DHFL? Shareholders plz unite!


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Dear members,

There would be few unfortunate members here who had invested in DHFL shares and did not / could not exit during this whole DHFL drama.

Now I am not an expert in insolvency process and am trying to follow / understand news as much as I can. I wanted to know what will happen to retail shareholders? The debt / bond holders / banks / mutual funds / financial institutions / etc. are forming associations and using their legal expertise to get their money back. They are likely to get their money back on how well they can arm-twist the regulator / law agencies.

But what will happen to retail individual shareholders like you and me? Is there not a way that promoters made liable to pay money back (since they siphoned off the money in huge amounts?)

Any thoughts are welcomed.


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As a shareholder you are the owner of the company. Either you sell your shares at current market rate (assuming it is still listed) or you will lose your investment amount if the company stops trading.

Equity shareholders cannot hold anyone liable for the loss they make.