what is this price band in ipo? can anyone please explain me on this?

to buy stock in ipo at what price we should place a bid? say xyz company ipo is availble at a price band of 100-120 if someone wish to buy 1000 stock then at what price he should place the bid and what will be the issue price?if his bid greater greater than issue price then what about the remaining money and also if his price is less the issue price then how can he get shares.

eg:he placed a bid rs.100 for 1000 stock and the issue price is 110 in this case the stock will allot him or not..?
You also should take in account that some people can actually outbid him for a lot of money anyway. Are you agree with me here or not ? I do hope it will really make it better for many many things being done there. I do hope it's just like that.
Somebody already responded to them on that matter or still no ? Cause I am kinda lost if you ask me, it's so old topic, but such basic questions should be really solved in timely manner if you do mind it well. How it only can go with IPO ?