What is the difference between "turnover" and "premium turnover" ?


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The key to understand this is to look at that * and ** at the bottom of the table.

* means notional turnover
** means premium turnover

1) Notional turnover is calculated as strike price + option premium * lot size
Eg. from you data table using record of 2-Apr-18:
this is (10700 + ATP) * Total contracts traded
so say on that day you bought 1 lot for inr. 12, then,
your notional turnover is : (10700 + 12) * 75 = inr. 9.63L

2. Premium turnover
This is a simple way of calculating what you would actually
inr. 12*75 = inr. 900

Now you can see how bloated the notional TO really appears. That's why NSE has been criticized when Daily F&O values are released
bcos it looks like huge Trx have taken place when they haven't.

Since the criticism, you can read the line in ** wef 2015.....
which means that two values are reported and that is Premium TO using the calculation explained above.


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@my call
regarding short strangle stress management ,
when BN moving one side (up) , along with shifting the put to up ,can we buy a call ,one strike above the ,sold call ....?


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Does one participant close his trade after that premium tunrover gets count or naked buy/sell trade also gets count in premium turnover?!
turnover means both buy and sell.
when you buy, the premium is added and when you sell the premium is again added.