what is exsplit?

I have few questions....pls answer them

1)what is exsplit of face value(old fv 10, new fv is 2)? what are its effects?

2) i m having axisdirect as my broker....till now i was buying equities in cash based for 10k-15k..... now i have got 10lakh and want to buy shares of only 1 company(say tcs,)....
can i buy tcs shares for 10 lakh at one go in one day?

i m new to markets....kindly explain in simple


Active Member
exsplit means that the trading quotes are after giving effect to the split. (i.e) the rates quoted are for a facevalue of Rs.2/- and not of Rs.10. The person buying the shares at Rs.15/- exsplit will get shares of Rs.2/- each and not of Rs.10/-.

in my opinion, you can buy, if sellers are available

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