What happens if the eKyc limit exceeds?

I have ekyc registered in sbimf, had 42000 in sbimf. but last week placed 10,000 more on sbi liquide fund. Which is not yeat porocessed by them.

now i realized that ekyc has 50000 limit.

what will happen to those 10,000 of my money? i am so scared.?
This happened with me when using Coin from Zerodha..And due to their mistake i had to miss 1 installment INSPITE of having sufficient funds in my account. I had to rigorously follow it up with them as they dont seem to be too concerned regarding it..I have everything on email...Even after requesting them to revert if the required KYC documents are available with them they were lazy in responding back. Fortunately the thing has got resolved and back on Coin

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