what does Limit Used field mean in sharekhan's Limit Statement .

Sir ,

I am a newbie in trading , i have opened a demat account with sharekhan .

Initially i transfered 3000 rs from my Bank account to my sharekhan demat account . I have done some several buys and sells and currently i dont hold any shares with respect to my dp account (as the orders have been fully executed )

my question is , i am confused with the limit statement of sharekahn .

This is the report , could any body please tell me what does the field limit used means ??

Current Cash Balance 439.23 Cr.
(Add) Limit Used 1853.61 Cr.

Total 2292.84 Cr.

This is my report



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the amount of money in your account you used for trading on a particular day... that will be added to your available balance after brokerages are deducted I guess. I may not be right, as I never dealt with sharekhan..
Thank you very much for taking time to answer . so it means that once the brokerage is settled , the amount will be added , and it will reflect in the current cash balance know ??

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