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Welcome to enhanced forum of Traderji!

We call it Traderji 2.0.

What's New?
Our new site offers enhanced features such as:
  • Clear, intuitive navigation to the resources you want
  • Significantly improved website response time
  • Advanced search engine with results filtering
  • An enhanced user profile, notifications and subscription
  • A simple interface to edit your individual profiles including areas of interest
  • A Private messaging system that allows multiple participants. You are no longer limited to 1 person direct messaging.
  • Better post quoting.
  • Better social media integration
…and much more

All this on a responsive design that optimizes for your device (any tablet, mobile phones, laptops, desktops, projectors, etc.), at your desk or on the go!

Get Started
We've migrated all existing users over to the new site. Your userid and password to access Traderji.com remain same. All your existing user preferences, subscription, private messages etc. are moved to the new forum. We tried to retain most of the tools and functionalities in the new forum but they may get called something else.

We recommend that you set up check your member profile and subscription information.

Find What You Need
The Forum's website has many programs, news items, pages, and resources. So how do you find what you're looking for? The site has a powerful search engine that will search the titles, page content, and even within the documents to find the most relevant results related to your search. Just make sure you are logged in, as many materials are restricted for members only.

Resources are also stored in an easily searchable repository with numerous filters to quickly narrow your choices and identify the resource you are looking for. These filters can be used alone or in combination with a keyword search.

Please expect couple of weeks for the new forum to stabilize. We are closely monitoring the forum software, your feedback and reviews.

Most general questions are answered in the HELP section of the forum.

If you have any more questions, visit our feedback thread.

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