Want to buy a printer

Yes, I think your suggestion makes sense. Will try it for a few days.

May be even xerox machines emit those chemicals, but the issue with the printer would be I would be keeping it in my home.
(Btw, I have even stopped using Agarbatti in home, also other chemicals like room freshner etc.)

Had no idea about the issue and cost of print head in inkjet printers.

No problem with the standard laser printers about any emissions. You are talking about 10 pages a day, you can afford original supplies. But yes, outsourcing it initially is a good idea.

Whichever way it goes, keep us updated. A lot of us have this need but don't know whom to ask.


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Get a wireless one

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You are making the right decision. It will be beneficial to record the trading charts. I advise you to buy HP ENVY 4522 All-in-One Printer. It is worth about 5500 INR. I am using it for quite a while and i have not occured any problem with it.

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