Volume ROC scan

I'm not very familiar with Amibroker. I want to scan all stocks for Volume ROC.

_SECTION_BEGIN("vol roc");
Value1 = Volume - Ref(Volume,-12);
Value2 = Ref(Volume,-12);
Value3 = (Value1/Value2)*100;

The output should, if possible, sort the results from highest to lowest values. The TF is 1 minute. Any and all help appreciated!!
Check AMI help for key words

Filter and Percentile

Simplest exploration will be add this to your code

Filter = Value3 > 100; //today's volume is more than double of that 12 days back

but better will be if modify your code to compare with average rather than using ref(-12)

_SECTION_BEGIN("vol roc");
Value3 = Volume / ref(MA(Volume,12),-1);//yesterday avg so that not to include today's volume in avg
Filter = Value3 > 2; //use any number you want here 2 is double that of avg vol 

Happy :)
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