Vishal Exports & LML - Uptrend expected in short term

sujarouf said:
I think Vishal Exports and LML are expected to rise in short term. Any Advice from Senior members.


I too want to know about this.
I had bought this at Rs.31!!
So, what is the future for this? Is it worth waiting.
They have announced dividend and also bonus shares.
But the scrip has fallen to Rs.20 levels after that.

So, it would be good if some senior member like Amitbe or Creameee or Traderji gave their views ont this.

I had earlier made profits in May on Vishal Exports. That time I took entry at 19+ level and had sold it at 27 level. I have again bought at 20.05 as the RSI, MACD, CCI, Williams%R were all showing positive buy. Now we have just to wait for uptrend.

Can you please elaborate on why LML is expected to rise ? It has been falling for quite sometime now and i do not see any major change in market share/ company strategy to bring about this change.
I also think vishalexports is going to make a move up as it's MACD has already overtaken the signal line. I made an entry at 20 and it's seems to be on rising trend till it's next resistance level of 25. Hope it's go that way.

One other stock looking good at the moment is oriental bank of commerce. I made an entry at 255, 2 weaks back and it's already sailing at 277.Anybody pl comment about the short term expectations from it.
Today it is quoting at 21.20!
It is lingering over this price for quite sometime!
How much more time to wait for this to move up!?

Hope some senior member will give some fundamental analysis and gives tips on short/long term trend for this :)

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