Very simple but effective intraday nifty future trading


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give some name to this strategy :D


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many thanks lincon sir,
the 30 point tgt idea is very nice,same way if you can suggest the stoploss also,because at present i am following the s/l,the low of 1st 3min candle,it gives good result on trending days but gives loss on volatile days like 3rd&4th.thanks
Knowing when to take a Opening range break out is very important.If we open bang in the middle of yesterday's range, then ORB will most likely give whipsaws. If we have a open thats near the extreme of either end of the range, then the first three 1 min bars need to be observed very carefully. Trading logic is, when open is at one extreme, then one side is under considerable pain and the first 3 min will show the degree of the pain. Market will either continue on the direction of the gap or revert back to mean value. The first 3 min will give u a clue on which direction market will take.

Make an observation on this by studying the historical price of last 200 trading sessions and u can work out the probability of which combinations first 3 min gives most accurate result.

Keep me posted...!
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