Very Basics Of Share Market

Basics of Stop Loss Order :-

Buy : Market Price < Trigger price < Order Price. (Trigger price entered should be greater than the market price)

Sell : Market Price > Trigger price > Order Price. (Trigger price entered should be lesser than the market price

market price is ...existing price of scrip at that time
trigger price is ... stoploss trigger this price your order is pushed into market...means your order is placed.
order price is the price at which you will buy the scrip back to square off.

remember trigger price nothing but a signal to place your order when price is touched at trigger value with order price your buying price is order price .

Dear paisewalla,
The above reply by Suba is very clear to the effect, how the buy order or sell order should be placed. Is your doubt cleared ?
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is the help of broaker requered for online share trading inspite of having sbi Demat account?
There are generally two kind of accounts.
One is, you trade on your own, probably at your home or office.
The other one is, your broker executes trade for you (on behalf of you)

What account is suitable for you?

You have to take the decision based on following things
1. Do you know the market fundamentals?
2. Do you know how to trade?
3. Do you have time to sit in front of the trading terminal all the time?
4. Are you a full-time, part-time or occasional trader?
5. Do you need any support that you can get at your broker's office?

Having their own terminal for trading is suitable for,
one who knows market and trade occasionally (considering him not a full-timer)
one who is a professional trader (who live by trading)

If you are a newbie, there are chances a private trading terminal could harm you, until you learn some basic things about trading.

IMO, one need to have his own terminal, only when he needs it for sure.

Hope this helps

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