Using FCharts

can any one post candlestick formula for fcharts
Did you check out other threads on this forum?

If you wish, please visit:

This post has some useful information.

Please submit your queries on specific candlestick patterns. Several reversal and continuation patterns have been studied and their effectiveness varies from case to case.

For example, a harami cross pattern is supposed to be more reliable than a harami pattern. But it depends on where these patterns occur; whether at the beginning of wave 1, 3 or 5. Since candlestick patterns are usually formed at support levels, these areas must be ascertained manually by drawing trendlines or whether these patterns occur at windows or low of long white candles etc.

Candlestick patterns nevertheless supply a lot of information on demand and supply gaps. But a lot of research is needed before someone jumps into real trading!!!

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