Do some research on the basis of EPS, PE and their competitors in the sector also company future plans and past growth. You will get fair idea about your query.



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lavanay said:
Hi, Trader Ji,

Please let me know the target for United Breweries Holding. I entered this stock at Rs. 123.
United Breweries is in a sideways trading range at the moment. You could see a target of 550.00 once the stock manages to close above 450.00 resistance level.
Trader JI, I was talking about "United Breweries (Holdings) Limited" BSE Code 7458, HSL CODE UNIBRE


I am also unable to diferentiate about these two companies. United Breweries and united Breweries Holding. Only Thing I know is that Holding is the mother company. And it holds shares of mcdowells and kingfisher. ALso King fisher Airline will be subsidery of UB Holding. PLease help me understand the basics of this company. Also, let me know if I have entered the right script at right price of Rs 123.

It is also into real estate!!

United Breweries Limited (UBL)
McDowell & Company Limited (MCD)
Herbertsons Limited (HL)
UB Global Corporation Limited (UBGCL)
UB Holdings (SA)(Pty.) Limited (UBHSAPL)
UB Engineering Limited (UBE)
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd (MCF)
Aventis Pharma Limited (Aventis)
Bayer India Limited (Bayer)

You can also see the statement of UB CEO at :

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Hi, I have found another under valued stock: VBC FERRO , (ICICI COde VBCFER) Currently at 131 and has a book value of more than 300. Keep a watch!!. The stock is listed in BSE only.

Trader Ji, pls through some more light!

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