Trying to build a software like opstra/icharts

Hello All,

I along with my friend have started a fintech start-up and we are trying to build a platform for options traders just like opstra/icharts

we are thinking of working on the following functionalities. Any inputs are welcomed.

  • Option chain
  • Option Greeks
  • Strategy builder
  • Portfolio Management
  • Straddle charts
  • Strangle charts
  • Custom strategy charts
  • Implied volatility(IV) charts
  • IV vs Realized volatility
  • Open Interest(OI) Analysis
  • Put call ratio(PCR)
  • Futures Price vs OI
  • Multi strike OI
  • Market breadth charts : NSE, BSE,Nifty advance/decline ratio charts
  • Nifty Price vs PE
  • FII DII data(EOD data)
  • Sectoral heatmap
  • Earnings Calendar

  • Automatic report generation
  • Manual backtesting
  • Metrics : date and time,Target, Stoploss, trailing stop loss, technical indicators, option greeks based(can be calculated using formulae)