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A thought of having a group of technical traders using patterns to trade any markets. Instead of being a physician trading all sorts of systems & patterns, let us be a specialist in one or two specific patterns. Doing this will give us indepth knowledge of the partcular pattern which we are trading, our conficence level goes up. So, any trade taken with the same pattern will not give us any emotions while in trade.

I trade several markets both in India & US futures. I have given a trade of mine done today. I use macd histogram & macd line to find direction of the market. My trades are done using two screens, a intermediate screen on which trades are entered and exited. A long term screen which is 5 times higher timeframe to take decisions on the direction of the trade & targets.

Any one willing to contribute discussions or trade ideas not only with my patterns, any other patterns too, can do so. We shall share between ourselves, the ideas, which will be useful in generating better signals to trade & also identify good trades.

I intend to go a long way from here, co-operation needed from serious traders. We shall work together to exh others benefits.

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