Trading with moving averages

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dear all traderjees, now i started this thread to develop my trading skills only. in this i uses moving averages. i use 54-dma for trend. and 5-15-25 ema for profit booking. stoploss must be 54-dma reversal.
currently i trade only silvermic. because small capital for trading, and small loss booking.

watch 54-dma--on 5 min chart.
if crosses and did not touch the line--then enter trade. if price touches the line wait untill not touch the line for some more candles. after confirmation then enter trade. if suddenly heavy difference occured in non touching, wait some candles for coming near to line.
watch 5-15-25-ema lines for profit booking. stoploss must be 54-dma reversal

previously i trade in options, but i didn't maintain proper stoploss rule. i make rules my self, but when in loss i didn't follow stoploss rule. so i make losses.

i will work on this stoploss rule-to make nice profits.

thank you for all treaderjees.


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Kiran Bhai,

Sorry for being Noob.
What is DMA ?

5-15-25 for profit booking.
What are the rules for profit booking ?

Could you pls post a chart and explain the details.

Thanks in advance.
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