Trading under Candle light.


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are you sure about relinfra=bullish engulfing?
Certainly it is not Bullish engulfing pattern. The last candle does not engulf the body of previous candle. It is Harami pattern, where after a long trend, we see small body inside the body of prev candle. In English, Harami means "Pregnant lady".


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Their is a Possible triangle break out too on upper side in Satyamcomp, that chart will post after market hours Target of that triangle break out is 340-345
hi all am a newbie to this forum as well as candlesticks , was searching the net for details on candlesticks , found much more than what i found in all the sites in this thread . thank you luckytrader and saint .

i will also try and interpret after learning , senior members please guide me with your valuable advices
Thanks a lot for the detailed knowledgeable inputs in form of documents and explaination. Being a newbie i was finding it difficult on where to start reading and in what order the posts from Luck Trader ji are very helpful in bringing
discpline in my learning.

Thanks once again.

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