Trading the trend


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weekly chart

daily chart

1.point 1 is the previous HL

2.point 2 is the bearish Engulfing pattern

3. Breakaway gap

4.point 4 is a WRB, closing below the previous HL & confirming bearish Engulfing pattern

5.Weekly chart also showing Bearish Engulfing pattern.

Looks a very good shorting candiadte..

plss comment.
HCL Tech closing below 759 short confirmed, immediate target 726.50, if 726.50 taken out on closing basis, then sure target 669. S/l as such for short is 775.60 closing basis. Clear Short Candidate.
Carry on your great work,Vikas.....keep in touch when you need my help.

Wishing you all the very best.

Hello saint sir,

This is supriya. Newly join ths fourm. Also I'm new in stock trading. By reading ur post i cm 2 knw tht u r the master of stock trading. I would like to b a student of ur's. Actually i hv done my basic TA. But i cn't apply the rules of TA in trading. Dn't understand how to start trading. Also finding difficulties in selection of stock. Pls. guide me in starting my trades. I hv posted my querry in ths fourm but not getting feedback..

pls. pls. guide me to start trading.



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this is the position as shown in fig
if u have time please help me to understand in detail as i am very Novice
what parameter to check to exit as can hold position.

How you can carry this trad so long. As per lines plotted on ue chart were not in favour to go long. even if u got for ur emotion, you should have extited when it again came below those line. after months you got ur buy price so being a human being u must wit but again going below ur line is enough to get out.

" Don't try to find out how to profit, rather try to find how minimise Loss". And you will be the boss of every fourm.

Sweet is sweet, every one know, but, you cant know more then the guy who tested the sweet after bitter bite of something.

just 2 rs from my side.

ps- cant afford more as I don't charge for anything, atleat few months back.




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Dear Vikas,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for this thread. Awesome teaching here.

Also, ST Da, thanks a lot for sharing some wonderful info here as always.

Vikas, thanks for having soldiered on with the postings in spite of oppositions and distractions, awesome, I am two years too late coming here, but wonderful posts, THANK YOU!!!!


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