Trading Holiday 2012 - India, US, EUROPE and UK mkts

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Trading Holiday 2012 - India - NSE

[B]NSE holidays - [/B]

[B]Sr. No.	 Date	          Day	        Description[/B]

1	26-Jan-2012	Thursday	Republic Day

2	20-Feb-2012	Monday	        Mahashivratri

3	08-Mar-2012	Thursday	Holi

4	05-Apr-2012	Thursday	Mahavir Jayanti
5	06-Apr-2012	Friday	        Good Friday

6	01-May-2012	Tuesday	        May Day

7	15-Aug-2012	Wednesday	Independence Day
8	20-Aug-2012	Monday	        Ramzan Id

9	19-Sep-2012	Wednesday	Ganesh Chaturthi

10	02-Oct-2012	Tuesday	        Gandhi Jayanti
11	24-Oct-2012	Wednesday	Dasara

12	13-Nov-2012	Tuesday	        Laxmi Puja*
13	14-Nov-2012	Wednesday	Diwali-Balipratipada
14	28-Nov-2012	Wednesday	Gurunanak Jayanti

15	25-Dec-2012	Tuesday	        Christmas

*Muhurat Trading will be conducted. 
Timings of Muhurat Trading shall be notified subsequently.
The holidays falling on Saturday / Sunday are as follows:
[B]Sr. No.	 Date	         Day	        Description[/B]
1	01-Jan-2012	Sunday	        New Year
2	01-Apr-2012	Sunday	        Ram Navami
3	14-Apr-2012	Saturday	Ambedkar Jayanti
4	27-Oct-2012	Saturday	Bakri Id
5	25-Nov-2012	Sunday	        Moharram
Note- Dates of holidays can be changed for festivals which will be declared according to moon visibility.
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Trading Holidays 2012 - US - NYSE

[B]NYSE holidays in 2012-[/B]

[B]Description                                   Date               Day[/B]

New Years Day	                            02-Jan-2012         Monday
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day	            16-Jan-2012         Monday

Washingtons Birthday/ Presidents Day       20-Feb-2012         Monday

Good Friday	                            06-Apr-2012         Friday          

Memorial Day	                            28-May-2012         Monday

Independence Day	                    04-Jul-2012         Wednesday

Labor Day	                            03-Sep-2012         Monday

Thanksgiving Day	                    22-Nov-2012         Thursday

Christmas Day	                            25-Dec-2012         Tuesday
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Trading Holiday 2012 - India - Commodities


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