Trading from HOME , ILLEGAL?

I would like to know that if someone residing in mumbai , co op housing societiey , trades from his home , or works as a LIC agent / any other insurance /small saving agent ; can the socitiey raise objections saying that the person is making commercial use of the residence even when the person has not put up any business name on his door ?

In case if the socitiey raises objection , what are the options for the person.


What a question! I would like to hear the legal pundits here on this.Thumbs up for ur question trader31339.
Hari Omkar,
Arey yaar ! its my personal exp that in majority of the co op societies , the office bearers are not co operative , they always are in a search to find point by which they can hammer the members of co op society so that the respective members dont oppose them and allow them to RULE the society .
Btw , where do you live and do you trade from home ?


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I don't think so. How do u differentiate between trading and investing. For a day trader swing trades are an investment and so forth. So by that reasoning a person should not be allowed to have a computer in his residence.:D,or even a telephone. and by that reasoning e-bay should have closed down by now.Even making a purchase/sale online is a commercial transaction.

By the way isn't renting out residential property a commercial gain.:D

Its hogwash. There is no such law as far as I am aware.

Tell the society members to go to hell.
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ratan jain

Most probably the society will confiscate your hardware and send you to prison for 350 years for trading from home.


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It seems whichever society u live in are jealous of u ..They must be afraid of trading / shares.Such people are all around..Dont worry abt. them and continue if they trouble u u can always take legal action...
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