trade tiger 2.4 with windows 8


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hello guys..

sorry for posting in the wrong section, but i thought i would get the quickest and more accurate reply here as most of you drop in here.

problem is my motherboard went bad due to a faulty psu and i need to get a new pc urgently. Windows 7 home premium has shot up to over 9000/- ...possibly due to currency devaluation & so has other computer hardware.

Windows 8 oem is available for rs.6000/- (difference is over rs.3000/-) can i buy windows 8 and run trade tiger on it without any problem?

Some ppl here have said that it works with an is this dot net 4.5 update from microsoft or trade tiger update button?

anyway the problems with windows 8 posted here are a few months old...has sharekhan sorted it out now?

sharekhan download page still does not mention any support for windows 8...which is kinda strange....considering how many ppl are confused.

will the sharekhan representative here or any one using windows 8 confirm with absolute certainity that it will work with trade tiger advanced (2.4 ) without any problem ?...i was using xp pro oem version before thats gone with the motherboard.

I dont want to unnecessarily pay rs.3000/- more....its a lot of money for me.

please help me with this...



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can't anyone please help me with this? .... what about the guy from sharekhan...mtvmani ? ....he's supposed to help us isn't he?


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