To avoid short margin penalty can we deposit cheque next working day in to broker's bank's local branch?

Unfortunately for brokers like Zerodha, Finvasia and more ..daily margin statement comes next day morning ..or at least during midnight so we would not know there is a shortfall until next day can we go to bank and deposit cheque next bank working day ?

Of course date on cheque would be the date on which the shortfall occurred.

For margin penalty consideration brokers honor the date it was deposited in their local branch or the date written on it?


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never meet a margin call
admit it you was wrong market was right .

you leg is already is in daldal
you pay margin meaning u are adding on more weight in that daldal
so get out ....

it;s best to use pay in online to clear margin call if u really want to clear it
beside u call the broker u have and ask them everyone has there different rules.

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