The Measure of Life

Life's Measure

no, no, not in years
life's measure is in tears
tears of struggle, tears of joy
tears of sorrow that destroy
inner strain and confusion
torment, pain and delusion
after flowing, tears become
a pathway to the Cosmic Hum

no, no, not in wealth
life's measure is in health
health that's built, does one behave
and is spilt, does one crave
sensual pleasures in excess
consumption, delirium, ignorance, stress
sound health does abound
where Virtue rests on solid ground

no, no, not in gain
life's measure is in pain
pain's the Master's way to see
if mankind has learnt to be
a reflection of the Supreme Light
no participant in the human fight
for supremacy, a pursuit in vain
to rise above, that's taught by pain

no, no, not in height
life's measure is one's plight
hit by many spears of strife
hate, greed, lust..., it's a lonely life
let us learn to recognize
correctly define the real Prize
body aged, fingers burnt
life's measured in lessons learnt​
Dear UDAY,
Its really a masterpiece----U r also joining the elite poetic group of sh50,and jaideep
Waiting for more classics to come from all of u in future----

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