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The thread was nicely opened but where it is going now....what is the ending? We all are here to have sharing attitude with exchanging our news/views/experience and knowledge so that one can be benefited from others.....


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You will not find it here or on any other board. You are wasting valuable time searching for anything free or for sale that you think is going to make you money constantly. There are many good AFL's here on the site but they are really for educating you and not for you to use buy and sell indicators off of. Please understand this.

Any system offered for sale is not for you to make money with. It is for them to make money off you. Just think about it.

If you had a system that made you all the money you ever wanted would you sell? NO WAY. Once you sell it and too many use it then it will no longer work either. You keep it and use it to make your own piles of money. You can't sell a money tree or cut it down and take it with you. You must nourish it, feed it and take care of it and it will do the same to you.

Stop spending time looking for a good system to buy. You are wasting your precious time doing this. You need to build your own or have someone help you build one to your specifications. If you can not do this then you should not be trading. Everyone can't be a trader any more than everyone can't be a doctor. Use your time in educating yourself on trading emotions and T/A as well as the formula language instead of this search or a "great AFL" that does NOT exist.
Very true!, I know one such system but developer is not wiling to share/sell it !


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I have made an system which provides 2800-3000 points in Nifty per year. Number of trades a year are 60-100 , accuracy is 40% only. Backtested on 4.5 years data september 2007 to march 2012.

And as some1 said in start of this thread, "Why would you sell a Goose that laid golden Eggs" :D I will not sell my Goose


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I have it.
If any one need it, please post your request here, I shall PM you.
Be prepared to pay a little.:d

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