Thanks Traderji


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Dear Traderji,

Thank you for your message and taking care of your members. I know I have not visited or posted on your forum but I have to thank you for the the information I got from reading the posts.Came to know about free software for technical analysis and got busy with downloading and trying them. hence I did not visit the site as I am in the process of demating my shares and getting back to the market. I am just following the market and have not yet started participating in the market

I have also joined some Yahoo groups and they send the messages are conveyed by E-mail and it is easier to reply and provide help Is it possible to forward the messages by mail or there are too many messages to handle?

I shall visit the site. I am still learning and will ask questions. May be after some time I will be able to provide solutions.

Thank you once again. keep up the good work. All the best.


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