Thanks to kaka

hello friends,
I am being greatly benefited by Mr. Kaka who has sent me two names of websites from which I can see the charts.I convey my thanks to him . However ,I am not getting chart from one of these sites as my browser is not supporting java.I have previously tried to get it downloaded from, but I did not succeed .If anybody can throw light on it , please do so . thanks

we are thankful to swingtrader who is the developer of icharts

about the java problem
wat browser u r using try to get the latest version of it then install java
if u have the latest version of the browser and still have problems then first download the Windows (Offline Installation) setup which can be found here

and then install it

one more thing do reply on the same thread dont create a new one.


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well i wud like to know the names of those sites which gives professional analystic advice on daily or weekly basis for intraday & 1 more thing do they really work? I mean there newsletters & all.thank you!
hi kaka,
Thanks again for the name of the site to download Java. I have downloaded and installed Java from it successfully and now I can see the charts in my pc itself. Thanks for your cooperation.
i think there is some misunderstanding
the website links which i have mentioned are for only charting
below is the thread link
hi everbody

can anyone please tell me where i can find historical price data as i am scouting for the same since a long time.


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