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here the list of videos on-line on the PureTick site. . . .
The topic/content is listed as well as a direct link to the video below the description

How do you know in advance if a trade will work?

*Heikin ashi indicators, what are they and usage:

*The Brutal Truth about Learning to Trade
Gap Fades, More Information

What are pivots? Why do they work?

How to use the $TICK to get better enteries on scalps:

What makes 90% of traders fail?

Probabilites of triggers working with filters
Easter Video on Bollinger Band Rejection play:

Using flush out volume to enter and exit a trade

Using multiple time frames for T S&R

Basic candlestick formations and What they mean:

Using Trend Line to Enter a Trade:

Revenge of the Trend Line Break:

What's the best futures market for a newbie to trade?:
Live session of Alex speaking on time cycles:

How we use the Advance/Declines to enter high probability trades:

ADX Indicator Information. What is it, and how is it used?
Entering a strong trend with BBS's:
Entering a trend using fibonacci retracements:

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