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Right......the second part to the run of posts before this thread closes down.

This is in continuation from Post No 1721.


Don't take the short trades above if you only go long and position.....Another thing,exit on the first bearish bar after an uptrend is only in these big WRB Vertical moves......Please don't go about doing this in every trade......In all trades,pivots as usual.Vertical moves as gradient gets steeper,2 bar method.

WRB Vertical moves......as above!

All the best!

SENSEX is at present undergoing a Primary Bear within a Secular Bull........therefore as a long term trader,the conclusion of this Bear the moment previous pivot highs on the monthly are taken out is the place to get back in the market.

If you are a short term to intraday trader...........who cares about the Primary Bear or the Bull........there are profits to be had in all directions.

If I were a 5min trader........I probably would take a look at the 30/60.I probably would not give a care what is happening in the daily/weekly/mthly.

If the 5min triggerred a buy call,and I buy all my 5min buy calls despite whatever is happeniing on the 30/60......I would still be doubly or triply bullish knowing that this current rally on n outthe 5min has managed to take out previous pivot highs on the 30/60.

If I use the 30 to keep me out of unnecessary trades on the 5 by only going in the direction of the 5(except in a few instances),then too knowing and analysing the greater trend is vital.

If I were a daily chart trader,I realise that the weekly and the daily converging to a point,.....and when that pivot is taken out,is much more bullish than the weekly in a strong dntrend,and the daily making a weak rally.

Time Frame Analysis done correctly helps you in your adds and therefore your profits.

So,my friends,.......this journey comes to an end as all journeys should.It has been a great pleasure to be able to run these ideas over the last many years........I have myself benefitted and grown over these posts.As I had said in the beginning,it is a process of sharing and learning from each other.....I have,and I hope you have too.

There are still many seas to cross,and many lands to conquer in the world of trading.........but all of that is not in keeping with the objective of this thread.Sincerely hope you all continue your education of the charts and the markets.

Please always remain students of the markets.....always remain humble.Never ever let anyone tell you that Trading Mastery is not possible.Never let anyone tell you how you cannot succeed.......Your job as a trader has and is always to put in a perfect trade,and then again and again and again.Focus on the trading,not on the money.....You can attain great wealth from Trading.You don't have to run newsletters,give tips,sell softwares,........there is more money in Trading than in any of these.Therefore,focus on Trading Perfection.......and reach heights that you imagine as unreachable.

Hope all of you make that first step and then continue your journey to those great heights.........Wishing you all the very best in your pursuit of Trading Excellence!

Happy Trading!

ps:Any questions to be asked,plz go to "Questions from the Students of ..." in the TA Section.

Any queries on the Swing/Intermed Uptrend,you can find me at "New Intermed Uptrend" in the Position Trading Forum in the Equities Forum.

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