Investing in TCS is like putting money in safe hands but immediate results are not expected. They have vision to become member of Top 10 service oriented companies by 2010. They have tremendous depth in business but only inexperience is marketing about themselves to the public market. Unlike Infosys and Wipro, TCS is always media shy..
They have so many credits to their hand but public don't know much about that for ex..
NSE, PAN, Railways...slowly they are coming up out to public...CEO Ramdorai recently quoted that they were unable to produce the last quarter results properly though they did good business..Regarding the marketing strategy i will quote an example of Infosys..
TCS is the first company to become 1 that moment it is not yet one knows about that...after some time Infosys became 1 billion dollar company..practically Infosys is the 2nd indian IT company to become 1 billion dollar..but their marketing strategy is such a nice that they quoted as "India's first listed IT company to become 1 billion dollar..". No one knows about TCS when it became 1 billion dollar but when Infosys achieves that lot of hype in the media that Infosys is the first company to achieve that milestone..Most are not aware that TCS is already achieved that..If Infosys or Wipro drops a pin onto floor they will say that lot of sound produced by them but TCS is not like that...They are learning all sort of these strategies slowly...This is causing this volatality in the market...
comments are welcome regarding this opinion...
Hmmmmmm, sounds plausible what you are saying.

I didn't know all these facts you just stated about TCS, but I had heard they were really, really solid, and have great faith in them too

Isn't "Tally" one of their big successes?

kansha said:
Hi Guys,

I think TCS may go for up to 1800., what you thinking ....

Am sure one day it will.....the question is ,is it wise to enter here.Technically on the weekly charts,looks like a bear flag....Not quite sure if the down trend is quite over.Looks more like a juicy short to me if it can break that base. :)
TCS and Patni (PCS). Both these companies are extremely strong fundamentally but media shy. Although they are slowly opening up but I guess it will take some time. TCS is well known in the s/w industry for being the biggest price cutter. If you are bidding for a project and if TCS is in the race! Boy! you can throw away all your man hour calculations in the garbage and start a blind bidding war!
N K Patni is an ex-MIT graduate and he believes in working like a Beaver (the MIT symbol) so no wonder you dont hear so much abt it.

working like Beaver didn't suite for this market. I agree that TCS and patni are doing the same. What the market needs is that if you drop a pin also they have to hear big noise.


New Member
The charts dont look good for tcs in short term..rather i would say for IT in short term. unless they fundamentally show good results next time.

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