TCS Issues Bonus Shares


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Clarification on Odd Ratios.
Say for Example, TCS issues bonus shares in the ratio of 1:8 (1 bonus share for every 8 shares held). And I am holding 100 TCS shares, for 96 shares I will get 12 bonus shares. What will happen to my remaining 4 shares? Will I get any amount in cash in proportion to the remaining 4 shares. If not then what?


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Yes you would be paid cash for the balance almost immediately post bonus.....


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Hi, Thank U for ur reply, let me know from where I can obtain this information regarding what happens to the leftout shares.(i.,e in the TCS example: what happens to the balance of 4 shares).
If I get cash in proportionate to the balance of 4 shares, then what happens in the records of the company.
Will the total no. of bonus shares get reduced in proportion to the sum of balance shares.(I don't think so).
If any one can help me in providing links or articles detailing on it, it will be great for me.


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Deepak, I took "TCS Bonus Shares" as an example to describe my query and request for clarification. It's not a real time scenario..!

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