tax on GOLD ETF

Can someone explain me what are my tax liabilities incase of GOLD ETF. My profile is that of investor and not trader.

Please explain if buy and sell is within a year then what is tax liability and if buy-sell is more than a year.

If you can explain concept of indexation (if applicable) applied to this then it will be very good.

Very well explained in the above link

Can someone answer my following general Stocks related queries.

1. For stocks - Short term Gain (less than 1 year) - Tax is as per income slab.
Also here no indexation benefits come. Is it correct?

2. For stocks - Long term Gain (more than 1 year) - Tax is NIL. No point of worrying about indexation thing. Is it correct?

3. I do trading in IIFL and ICICI Direct. Capital invested is something like 80 lakhs. Multiple rotation short term/long term etc.
Now how to calculate my short term and long term gains. Because volumne is huge and manually i dont think i can do.
Is there a software process?

Hi Kumar

You are right, answers to point 1 and 2 is yes, correct.
No no, wait, IMO, STCG is taxed at 15% and not as per ones tax slab. Confirm from someone/google

Sorry I have not tried any such software, but you can visit
I have seen their ad in TJ, sometime back. Might be it is useful for you

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