TATA MOTORS _ Shall I book profit

I have 1000 Tata Motors at the average purchase price of Rs. 195.00/-
Should I book profit or wait for some more time.
Today's high was Rs. 297.85. :clap:

Whatever you do, when you start to notice that it has closed below 280 for 5 trading days, understand that someone is pickpocketing your profits!
:) You might want to keep an eye on me since I'm attempting to play against you:

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If you look at the stock from a short term point of view maybe it will consolidate for a while. But if you look at weekly patterns this will be one of my top pick. In a market that has not returned anything this is a stock hitting all time highs. I will never get out completely from a stock such as this. It shows that there is something going absolutely for it (Jaguar division is heading towards great recovery and profits). I would advise hold atleast some quantity with stop loss and add around 260 levels again if an opportunity aroses.


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Tata Motor has formed trading range 255-295 Over all market seems to be positive break out of the upper range could give 5-10% gain i.e up to 315-330 possible
some part of the holding can be used for positional trading purpose as per the trading range. Present range 257<<274>>289

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