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Hi All

Can anybody suggest me what indicators to use & with what parameters, as I am implementing a strategy using Artificial Intelligence to predict future forecasts. All the results of the research would be posted here, if allowed by Traderji or will have a yahoo groups on this topic.



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Now that you mention it, my dear friend, a lot of people have been wondering whether TA itself is artificial. As it is , it is deemed more of an art but jokes apart, what exactly do you imply by artificial intelligence. Its an interesting divergence- I dont remember the exact terminology but is it something to do with those nuero-"omething"feature. I think it is better if you explain to us in detail to enable us to tell you the indicators,parameters etc.
Dear Sh50

The AI basically uses GA (Genetic Algorithms) & Fuzzy Logic. The price patterns that behaved in the past is used to train the neurons to predict future prices based on specified indicators or any defined logic/formula.

I am working on it but I dont have any precise combinations of indicators/formulas which have been successful in the past with more than 65% accuracy that can be implemented to achieve more than 80%. That is what AI is for.

Any combinations of indicators or patterns or forumula [whatever idea you guys have in your mind that we should have this this thing & our system would be ....] can be implemented, with parameters defined would be an added advantage so that we would save time in evaluating different combinations to achive our goal.



Hi james!!

What platform are you using?.Have u tried safir?.I havent used NNs for pattern recognition other than some datamining.Do ensure a series of walk forward tests to ensure validity to recognised patterns.

Check out this - http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/smith00neural.html

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Thanks for your link, I will check this & revert back.

BTW I have Safir but I dont use TS at the moment. But use MetaStock for my weekly predictions as the formulas & explorations are all programmed into it.

For AI I am using Alyuda's Products (Forecaster XL & NeuroIntelligence) which uses data in MS Excel & that is what I am concentrating on. I am trying to predict tomorrow's HLC so that I can have S/R areas for daytrading. But currently my accuracy is down from 65% to between 50 - 54% as I have backtested with the data back from 1998, & its a very tedious task. My aim to attain 75%+ so that you can limit your drawdowns, otherwise just lest your money donated to brokers or moneymakers.

What system are you using currently.



Hi there james

I have used Alyuda Neurointelligence and found it very elegant to use.Excel macros with addins will do the job too.I just preprocess testing data to check for things like stationarity etc.For trading ranges i use a different approach.

Its good tht u kno wht ur looking for with NNs otherwise its very easy to find patterns in a large sample.Good luck with ur endeavour.

Also checkout bayesian networks - www.bayesware.com

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